Línea De Reciclador Polystar

$ 350.000.000

Detalles Técnicos

  • Tipo de operación
    • Venta
  • Condición
    • Usado
  • País
    • Colombia
  • Ciudad / Provincia
    • Barranquilla, Atlántico
  • Entrega
    • de 15 a 30 días


Conveying Unit
Feeding band 4000 X 800 mm
Driving motor 1 HP X 6P
Feeding control Automatic feeding controlled by Ampere meter
Shredding drum
Drum dia. 900 mm
Driving motor 100 HP X 4P + Inverter control
Cooling blower 1/4 HP X 2 sets, with water cooling device
Rotary cutter 6 pcs (on rotary bar)
Stationary cutter 12 pcs (inside the drum wall)
Extrusion Unit (with water cooling device on feed hopper)
Screw Ø 120 mm; L/D ratio 36/1
Material: SACM-645 nitride treatment, surface polished
Barrel (Double Vented for de-gassing) Material: SACM-645 nitride treatment, honed polished
Barrel temperature control 6 zones
Barrel cooling blower 1/4 HP x 6 sets
Main driving motor 125 HP AC +inverter control (Siemens)
Gear Box Made with FC25, with lubrication and cooling system
Gear Material SCM-21 carbon treat & gear face ground
Filtration Unit
Screen changer Dual piston screen changer, non-stop operation with
“Dynisco” pressure gauge
Hydraulic motor 7.5 HP
Screen filter Ø 220 MM
Heating capacity 10.7 kw
Pelletizing Unit (Die face cutting)
Die face cutting motor 3HP x 4P with inverter control
Die Heating capacity 5 kw
Die Ø 2.8 x 100 holes for PE x 1 set
Ø 2.5 x 80 holes for PP x 1 set
Cutting blades 1-4 pieces
Pellet Cooling & Conveying Unit
Water jacket SUS304 stainless steel
5 HP water cooling pump for water circulation
Water trough SUS304 stainless steel
Vibration motor 1/2 HP x 4P x 2 sets
Blowing motor for conveying plastic pellets 5 HP
Conveying capacity 600 Kg/Hr
Storage tank capacity 1000 Kg
Control Panel: SSR control system in Spanish
Standard Spare Parts To Be Supplied With The Machine:
Heater Band: 1pc for each size & 2 pcs for barrel Temperature Controller x 1pc
Thermocouple x 1pcs Illuminated Push Button Switch x 1pc
Push Button Switch x 1pc Double Push Button x 1pc
Rocker Switch x 1pc Selector Switch x 1pc
Oil Seal x 1 set Amp meter x 1pc
Drive Belt x 1 set Fuse x 1pc
Standard Tool box x 1 set Pelletizing blade x 200pcs
Vibration Spring X 4 pcs Pelletizing Block X 1 set
Screw Uninstaller X 1 pc Screen Changing Wrench X 1 pc
Driving Rod X 1 pc Oil Hone X 1 pc
Shredding Drum Rotary Blade X 6 pcs Shredding Drum Stationary Blade X 12 pcs
Payment 100% T/T wire transfer before shipment
Packing By wooden pallet covered by plastic film, 1 set loaded into one 40’ and one 20' containers
Warranty 1 year warranty on all mechanical parts and 6 months on all electrical devices
Technical Buyers are responsible for technician’s traveling, hotel expense, as well as USD 200 (per day)
Assistance technician fee

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